Welcome to PAR LUX!

Par Lux d.o.o. is a private company specialized in supply of equipment and parts in pharmacy, petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries. Founded 2001 in Zagreb, Croatia, the company offers ready-made systems on a “turn key" principle. We mainly cooperate with Siemens �?Gas & Oil division and with Top projekt on industrial projects.

Socially responsible management and trading

Positive activities of our company within society and towards society are the basic practice of Socially responsible management and trading. This comprehends all relationships that our company produces through it's actions, care for it's employees, as well as donations and support to nonprofit organizations, children and disabled persons.

The socially responsible management and trading in contemporary business world is the basis of the only acceptable and correct relation and bond between our company and the community it operates within.

The principles of behaviour in management and trading

From the very establishing, the PAR LUX company has been dedicated to accomplish such objectives as the total transparency in management and trading, with absolute intolerance regarding corruption. We would like to be accepted as relliable, respectable and desirable partner, which fulfills the needs and protects the interests of it's partners through excellent relations among them. We are confident that only such conduct and approach to business assure the realization of our objectives such as the further development and good management and trading of our company and successful realization of our partner's objectives and projects. Thereby we contribute to the creation of healthy climate in economic life and social community in entirety.

Par Lux d.o.o.

Limited liability company for production, trade, and services
Headquarters Duga ulica 2, 10412 Donja Lomnica, Hrvatska
Competent court Commercial court in Zagreb
Company's court registration number 080454661
Company's share capital 5.145.000,00 kuna, paid in full
Member of the board Mlađan Kordun
Transfer account HR0423300031100444261 (Splitska banka d.d. Zagreb)
Personal identification number 50283086577