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Welcome to PAR LUX!

Par Lux d.o.o. is a private company specialized in supply of equipment and parts in pharmacy, petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries. Founded 2001 in Zagreb, Croatia, the company offers ready-made systems on a “turn key" principle. We mainly cooperate with Siemens ?Gas & Oil division and with Top projekt on industrial projects.

  • Industrial Equipment

    We offer a wide range of products:
    ‣ Valves and fittings for water, fuel, air and chemicals (gauges, flow meters, etc.)
    ‣ Thermoshrinkable foil
    ‣ Loading arms
    ‣ Composite hose for transferring oil (set of hoses for industry, air, water vapor, etc.)
    ‣ Industrial pipe and pipe fittings
    ‣ Hydraulic and pneumatic components (cylinder, fittings for hoses, pressure regulators, etc.)

    All products are verified by the competent authorities for the quality and safety of products, and these certifications are available on request. All products carry the CE mark and are certified in the EU. We want to be recognized as a reliable partner with quality products and services, therefore expand our business cooperating with Your company. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions.

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